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In cooperation with the International Labour Organization and the International Trade Union Confederation, addressing issues related to the protection of the rights of Ukrainian migrant workers, the Federation has joined the network of the trade union structures of the European Trade Union Confederation — UnionMigrantNet (counseling and contact points for migrants) and offers citizens of Ukraine new opportunities to prevent and minimize the negative facts associated with the performance of the work duties in the host country.



If you have become a victim or a witness to a criminal offense (Articles 149 and 190 of the Criminal Code), you have the right to contact the police around the clock in one of the following ways:

You have the right to contact the police orally or in writing:

Applications and notifications after registration are considered in one of the following ways:

All the applications and notifications about a committed criminal offense and other events received by the police are subject to mandatory registration in the Unified Register of Applications and Notifications of the National Police of Ukraine with mandatory assignment of a serial number.

During the personal address of the applicant, the authorized official draws up and issues a coupon-notice of acceptance and registration of the application.

The information received by the police territorial body (unit), after its registration, shall be immediately transferred to the police territorial body on whose service territory the event took place.

If there is information indicating the commission of a criminal offense, these materials are transferred to the pre-trial investigation body (police unit) to enter the relevant information in the Unified Register of Pre-Trial Investigations (ERDR — Ukr. acronym), the investigation begins and extract from the register is provided to the applicant 24 hours after entering such information. 

The applicant has the right to submit objects and documents to confirm his application and to obtain information about the end of the pre-trial investigation.

Omission of the pre-trial investigation bodies, which lies in not entering information about a criminal offense into the ERDR after receiving an application or notification about a criminal offense, may be appealed by a person within 10 days of the decision, action or omission. Complaints are considered by the investigating judge of the local court. Complaints are considered for 72 hours from the date of receipt of the complaint.

The term of the pre-trial investigation from the moment of entering information about a criminal offense into the ERDR until the day of notifying a person of suspicion in criminal proceedings on a criminal misdemeanor is six months, in criminal proceedings on small or medium grave offense — twelve months, in criminal proceedings on grave or special grave offenses — eighteen months.


Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine:


Regulation on the Unified Register of Pre-Trial Investigations:


Order of conducting the unified record in bodies (units) of police:




According to the Law on Combating Trafficking in Human Beings, trafficking in human beings is settlement of an illegal agreement, the object

of which is a human being, as well as recruitment, transportation, harbouring,

transfer or receipt of a human being for purpose of his/her exploitation, including

sexual, by means of deception, fraud, blackmail, abuse of a person’s position of

vulnerability or by use of force or threat of force, with abuse of power or

economic or other dependence of the victim on another person, which is

considered a crime under the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

Labour exploitation is a form of trafficking in human beings that has the signs of forced labour, which is required of a person at risk of punishment, physical and psychological violence.

The main signs of involvement of a person in forced labour:

Recruiters typically use personal connections or fake advertisements, illegal employment agencies and illegal employment websites. The conditions offered by recruiters are usually very attractive and may seem credible, e. g. financial assistance and support in organizing the trip, drawing up all the necessary documents, and etc.

According to the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of 18.01.2012 №29, The Ministry of Social Policy has been appointed the national coordinator in the field of combating trafficking in human beings.

According to the Law on Combating Trafficking in Human Beings, a person, who deems herself/himself a victim of trafficking in human beings, has the right to apply to the local state administration requesting the declaration of his/her status of a victim of trafficking, and to law enforcement authorities for protection of his/her rights and freedoms.

A person, who has been declared a victim of trafficking in human beings, has the right to his/her personal security, respect and free receipt of:

Procedure for Declaration of the Status:


Procedure of the one-time benefit payment:




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